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DRIVE Sustainability

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The automotive industry is huge, with complex supply chains stretching around the world. DRIVE Sustainability, a partnership of vehicle makers, is taking a collaborative approach to embedding sustainability into procurement processes. Deloitte Belgium Risk Advisory locally implements the partnership’s supplier trainings.

DRIVE Sustainability is a commitment from the automotive industry to move to the next level of sustainability and supply chain management. To achieve real impact, the partnership’s localised supplier trainings reach beyond a focus on compliance, encouraging a collaborative approach to developing company improvement plans for real life sustainability challenges.

Stefan Crets, Executive Director CSR Europe

DRIVE Sustainability is a pioneering partnership set up by ten leading automotive companies, facilitated globally by CSR Europe (the leading business network for corporate social responsibility). It calls for vehicle and component manufacturers to practice business integrity, ensure decent working conditions, human rights, and minimise environmental impacts. The partnership aims to achieve these goals by promoting common sustainability guidelines and developing and implementing activities and tools to drive change.

Commissioned by CSR Europe, Deloitte Belgium Risk Advisory locally adapts and implements DRIVE Sustainability trainings for suppliers in Hungary, Spain, Mexico, and Thailand. Deloitte is using its strong global network, as well as expertise in both sustainability and supply chain management. “We are proud to assist DRIVE Sustainability in addressing large-scale sustainability challenges that companies cannot solve alone,” says Deloitte Risk Advisory manager Aron Horvath.


Aron Horvath

Manager, Risk Advisory

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