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Best practices in the boardroom and in sports

Through a best practices workshop with Deloitte Private, Golazo got itself fit for further growth. Meanwhile, the sports company helped Deloitte professionals get in shape with a successful in-house vitality programme, Energise@Deloitte.

Golazo is a Spanish sports term for a spectacular goal. So it’s not surprising that the roots of the company go back to 1990, when Olympic athlete Bob Verbeeck founded a sports marketing agency. Today Golazo Group is a European sports movement which engages in active lifestyle through mass participation events and spectator events, technology-based platforms, corporate and community well-being, consulting and activation, digital sports media, data capturing, and ambassador and personality representation. Golazo wants everyone to move for at least 30 minutes a day.

Strategic fitness

Our goal was to help Golazo successfully deploy the best practices of leading companies and set up a framework for continued growth and improvement.

Sam Sluismans, Partner, Consulting

To better manage its successful growth, Golazo began working with Deloitte Private in 2017 by going through a Best Managed Companies lab exercise with its management team. During the lab, the processes of Golazo were challenged in the areas of strategy, talent development, corporate governance, and business insights to bring the company to the next level.

The Deloitte team worked with the client on a tailored action plan for sustainable growth, addressing the gaps between Golazo’s current practices and those of the Best Managed Companies. For example, additional investments have been made in people and the organisational structure.

Two-way street

Golazo wasn’t the only one to benefit from this relationship. The sports company helped Deloitte Belgium set up an important health and well-being programme: Energise@Deloitte offers Deloitte professionals a wide selection of activities including workshops, online challenges, nutrition and health coaching, and more. Not only do they make our professionals healthier, but happier and better performing as well.

In FY2018, 40 Deloitte professionals were recruited to become Energise@Deloitte ambassadors and undergo intensive training to tackle tough running and cycling challenges. A number of Energise@Deloitte activities combine physical fitness with community engagement. For instance, a firm-wide step-counting challenge raised a significant sum to provide computer equipment and training to students in South Africa.


Emmanuel Brehmen

Partner, Tax

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