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Innovation Fridays

Making a bigger impact with innovation

A weekly learning opportunity attracted over 600 registered Deloitte professionals, bringing to life new technology and innovative ideas across our firm.

An Innovation Friday session

Innovation is one of the main drivers of success. At Deloitte, we help our clients embed innovation within their organisations. We also practice what we preach: innovation is applied inside Deloitte with the same conviction. That’s why we give innovation the space and the opportunity it needs to grow.

Innovation Fridays were launched in January 2018. Held in the Deloitte Greenhouse at the Gateway office, these interactive lunch sessions are open to all Deloitte professionals. Topics range from updates on our foundational innovation programmes to deep dives on exponential and disruptive technologies. Participants learn how innovation is being rolled out in our firm, about the cutting-edge technology we’re working with, and how innovative tools are being developed for our people and clients.

Innovation needs to be in the DNA of a business. At Deloitte, it used to be ad hoc. Now we have a more structured innovation system that encourages inspiration, then captures and develops ideas.

Guido Vandervorst, Partner Risk Advisory and Innovation Lead


Guido Vandervorst

Partner Risk Advisory and Innovation Lead

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