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The power of trusting relationships

Belgian firm IPTE Factory Automation has been a Deloitte Audit client for two decades. This successful collaboration has been sustained not only by providing high quality services, but also by developing a professional relationship built on trust.

IPTE Factory Automation is a worldwide supplier of factory automation solutions for the electronic and mechanical manufacturing industry. With more than 25 years of experience, IPTE Factory Automation has proven itself as a reliable high quality supplier for test, marking, depaneling, odd-form placement, conveying, and turnkey assembly solutions.

Over the past 25 years, IPTE has grown from a small manufacturer into an internationally recognised supplier of state-of-the-art automation solutions. Working with a firm we can trust has been essential to our success.

Huub Baren, Chairman Board of Directors, IPTE Factory Automation NV

The IPTE Factory Automation develops standard machinery and turnkey automation systems for the production, test, and treatment of printed circuit boards and for final assembly work. The equipment is used in various industries: automotive, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and other sectors of the electronics industry. But its main focus is the automotive industry. If you drive a car made in Europe, there’s a good chance it contains components built with IPTE equipment.

Headquartered in Genk, IPTE has its own production locations and service in eleven countries on three continents. But despite this global reach, in some ways IPTE remains a traditional family firm. One where trust matters.

Dominique Roux, Audit Lead Client Partner, recounts how Deloitte began working for IPTE. “It was back in 1999 when I just made partner. Through a mutual business connection, I met Huub Baren, the CEO and co-founder. We started providing audit and tax advisory services, and also advised the firm about the IPO when it went public.”

Deloitte has been successful because of its expertise, objectivity, multidisciplinary capabilities, and cross-border reach. Also important with a family business like this is the trust that exists between both parties.

Dominique Roux, Partner, Audit

Confidence counts

Later, when the contract manufacturing division split off into a new company, Deloitte suddenly had a new client, Connect Group, with Audit Partner Dirk Cleymans as lead, supported by Tax Partner Glenn Verstraelen.

Over the years, Dominique got to know the CEO. Mr Baren expressed his confidence in Deloitte when he asked for recommendations to develop a complex, three-country family legacy arrangement, advised by Accountancy Partner Patrick Dierick.


Dominique Roux

Partner, Audit

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