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The BMW Belux story

In June 2016, a companywide flexible benefits scheme was implemented at BMW Belux. Entitled My Benefits My Choice (MBMC), the platform developed by Deloitte allows BMW employees to leverage their reward package to choose benefits that better meet their individual needs, in exchange for the year-end premium. Since then, this exciting plan has also launched successfully in other organisations such as VIB (the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology) and Borealis, as well as Deloitte.

MBMC is a practical solution that bundles different steps to investigate, design, and implement a successful flexible benefits plan. It is a tailor-made approach based on the needs and desires of the company, developed in collaboration during the different stages of the plan. Deloitte’s expertise is supported by the online MBMC application, allowing companies to quickly implement and maintain a flexible benefits scheme that can be easily managed.

A couple of months after the launch at BMW Belux, following four information sessions delivered by Deloitte, 133 BMW associates had opted for the flexible benefits plan. The take-up rate in 2017 for the second launch increased significantly with 193 BMW associates having signed up for the plan. An internal survey at BMW revealed a clear impact on employee satisfaction and engagement.

This flexible reward scheme and the support received through the MBMC technology were like vitamins for our company.

Tom Troch, HR manager, BMW

The flexible benefits package provides BMW employees with more flexibility and an individualised salary package. It also helps BMW to differentiate itself in the continuous battle for passionate talent and increase its employee value proposition.

“The flexible rewards are complex, but with the support of the right technology, like MBMC, it is a real asset for the reward strategy of Borealis,” said Caroline Vanherle, CHRO at Borealis. VIB, the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology, has also benefited from implementing the scheme at their headquarters. Marijke Lein, HR Director at VIB said, “We were positively surprised by the extremely high take-up rate at VIB and the impact of My Benefits My Choice on our Talent agenda. 87% of the eligible VIB employees opted for the flex plan, and an internal survey revealed an overall satisfaction rate of 82%.”

This end-to-end solution is constantly evolving. Deloitte’s multidisciplinary team is combining new ideas with more advanced technologies to continue to improve the user experience. Version 3.0, which features a completely new look and feel, was launched in September 2018 and will soon be rolled out across the country.


Patrick Derthoo

Partner, Tax

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