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The next-generation performance experience

A new and innovative performance management approach will benefit our talent, help make us a simply irresistible organisation, and ensure we remain a high performing firm.

Quality conversations, future-focused coaching, regular feedbackFeedback, performance reviews, coaching, goal setting – these are all essential elements that help employees develop fulfilling careers. An internal engagement survey at our firm confirms this. It identified regular feedback, coaching, and leadership training as important to our people.

Thanks to SPARK, I feel in sync with what matters for my Coachees at a specific moment in their career.

Annelies Verbruggen, Director, Consulting

A new talent initiative, called SPARK, takes this to the next level. It is supported by a simple, easy-to-use technology solution. The online one-stop-shop guides them through an innovative performance experience. It also continuously gathers insightful, real-time data to support performance discussions and decisions at the leadership level.

Impactful conversations

SPARK replaces the traditional review process of filling out and sending around lengthy forms. Instead, it enables our talent to have impactful conversations with each other about their performance, development, and long-term career aspirations. It’s about finding the best fit and building individual strengths.

SPARK will help me create better relationships with my team and become a better leader.

Ivana Robinson, Senior Consultant, Risk Advisory

"We are stepping away from the idea that we only have to talk to people when they’re not happy," says Julie Bultynck, Senior Manager, Risk Advisory. Simply put, it is a shift from talking about people to talking with people.

To drive this cultural change and support our talent in this shift, the SPARK programme provides people with sessions to build up their coaching skills. Customised to fit each participant’s role within their team, the sessions provide valuable hands-on tools to promote open communication, continuous dialogue, and giving feedback.

We don’t have to be great to start,
but we need to start to be great.

Inge Diels, Partner, Chief Talent Officer


Inge Diels

Partner, Chief Talent Officer

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