Belgian Impact Report

Together for better

We have an important road ahead of us. In FY2018, Deloitte Belgium launched key strategic initiatives that will benefit our organisation as a whole and steer our firm towards a very exciting future – one that will make a sustainable impact on how we work.

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium

Making an impact together

Deloitte Belgium’s commitment to society is realised primarily through the Deloitte Foundation. Working with partners in Belgium and abroad, our projects focus on education, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. These areas express our learning culture, and make the best use of our skills to have a greater impact.


Sustainable choices that fit people’s needs

The Deloitte Foundation

Making an impact that matters

Making an impact through sustainability is high on our agenda. To reach our target of cutting the firm’s CO2 emissions by 25% by 2021, we need to take a pioneering stance on mobility.

Tom Declercq, Managing Partner Tax and Legal, Executive Sponsor Sustainability and Mobility

Empowering people

Recognising the value of our people, at Deloitte we invest in helping our talent fulfil professional ambitions within a work-life balance. We are committed to diversity and a culture of continuous learning and coaching, one that encourages people to constantly challenge themselves to unlock their potential.

Gender Diversity

Our inclusion strategy


The next-generation performance experience

We strive to become a more diverse organisation with a balanced leadership. It is one of our firm’s top priorities to work together towards a gender inclusive future.

Caroline Veris, Partner Risk Advisory and Diversity Lead

Delivering excellence

In FY2018, Deloitte Belgium achieved strong performance figures with a turnover of €510 M, exceeding our forecasted budget and demonstrating a 6.2% growth compared to the last fiscal year. This number reinforces our position in the market as one of the leading professional services networks.

We put the client at the centre of everything we do, earning trust by developing long-lasting relationships. Leveraging our industry expertise, our drive for innovation, and the Deloitte Global network, we make an impact by helping our clients achieve their ambitions and transform their business.

Dirk Peeters, Chief of Strategy