Belgian Impact Report

Our Purpose in action


Fostering inclusion is one of Deloitte’s Shared Values, and we recognise that our diversity represents an enormous opportunity to steer our firm in the right direction. As a diverse and inclusive organisation, we will enhance group performance, improve decision-making, help attract top talent, increase employee satisfaction, and make the firm more customer oriented.


Our internal and external stakeholders expect us to make a positive impact through our core business as well as through our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability agendas. Living our Purpose is the expression of our Shared Values, representing the core principles and common behaviours that unite us across cultures and geographies.


Since the launch of the Mobility@Deloitte programme in June 2018, over 50% of Deloitte Belgium professionals have chosen for non-traditional mobility packages. The employees who choose for non-traditional packages are mainly located in the Brussels/Gent/Antwerp triangle.

Over the next fiscal year, we expect a further decrease in both total mileage and average mileage per car with the implementation of the smart parking (live in June 2019) and responsible mileage (live in September 2019) initiatives. Furthermore, the total number of kilometres travelled by bike in FY19 was 271,969 km. The average number of km per bike follows the increasing number of bikes across our Mobility@Deloitte programme.


We lead multidisciplinary expertise across six business units: Accountancy, Audit & Assurance, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory, Tax, and legal services from the Laga law firm. Our approach to client services is driven by industry knowledge, innovative solutions, and building sustainable relationships within our ever-growing network.


At the close of FY19, Deloitte Belgium recorded a net revenue of 565M, which is an increase of 10.7% compared to FY18. These strong results demonstrate another fiscal year of double-digit growth; entering the next financial year with strong growth momentum which reinforces our position as the undisputed leader.

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