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In 2019, we announced the launch of the GLOBE programme within Deloitte Belgium, supported by Tom Declercq, Sponsoring Partner GLOBE and Inge Diels, Managing Partner Talent. Our GLOBE objective is to build a network for all our people to feel valued and accepted, whether they identify as LGBT+ or a supporting ally.

Currently we have 230 GLOBE members in Deloitte Belgium, and we celebrate Pride because we know that having a diverse workforce will make us more impactful. When people come together and contribute different strengths, views, and backgrounds, we all win. To foster inclusion is one of Deloitte's Shared Values, and we recognise that our diversity represents an enormous opportunity.

“Deloitte Belgium is proud to join GLOBE networks across North West Europe and Deloitte Global. Bringing together LGBT+ colleagues and connecting with allies is crucial for a respectful and inclusive workplace.”

Tom Declercq, Sponsoring Partner GLOBE

Belgian Pride

Our kick-off initiative for GLOBE was to participate in the Belgian Pride on 18 May 2019. Over 100 enthusiastic Deloitters and their guests proudly walked in the Pride Parade through the streets of Brussels with 80 other delegations. In celebration of LGBT+ community, we wore GLOBE t-shirts especially designed for the occasion. The Deloitte booth at the Pride Village was also a great success, further demonstrating our support to equality.

Celebrating diversity and inclusion for all at the Belgian Pride!

“We want everyone to feel able to be their authentic self at work - to have a voice, be respected, and achieve, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or any other characteristic.”

Inge Diels, Managing Partner Talent

Antwerp Pride

We also participated in the Antwerp Pride in August 2019 with a 16-metre high installation called the Skyfall. More than 500 brave jumpers took the plunge from the top overlooking the Pride terrain!

The Antwerp Oride | Skyfall installation


As of FY20, GLOBE is proud to work together with Open@Work, a joint network aimed at connecting LGBT+ people across companies. This collaboration further supports our overall goal of building an environment in which all our people feel valued, accepted, and able to be their authentic selves.

We look forward to growing our GLOBE network and celebrating with more initiatives to continue making an impact over the coming years.

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