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Insurance of the Future

For the last few years, Deloitte has extensively helped the insurance sector adapt to its new global reality. With the Insurance of the Future initiative – in Europe and in Belgium – we share our extensive industry expertise with CEOs from the five largest insurance companies in Belgium and CEOs from three closely related sectors (mobility, health, and smart cities) to form the insights in the report.

The Insurance of the Future campaign put the leaders of Belgium’s top insurers in the spotlight, gaining widespread visibility for the report and strengthening Deloitte’s leading position in the financial services industry in Belgium. We developed a relationship with Trends and Trends-Tendances – the two most important business and financial services magazines in Belgium’s two languages. We generated conversations that led to 19 pages of quality editorial coverage.

“This is an exciting time for the sector, with many opportunities to gain importance for their customers and have more frequent contacts with them. Insurers need to step up or risk getting left behind.”

Olivier de Groote, Financial Services Leader

Insurance Of The Future - What will insurance look like in 2025?

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