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NWE Impact Awards

In 2019, Deloitte Belgium and participating member firms marked the second edition of the NWE Impact Awards. The internal awards programme is all about demonstrating how we put our Purpose into action.

The local executive panel of judges selected the top six finalists for our firm and each of the winning projects were nominated in teams. In summary:

  • She Loves to Code is a project which engages women in STEM by broadening career opportunities in the technology sector.
  • Building a sustainable digital infrastructure with a team bringing together the best of their capabilities to deliver excellence for a client in the home furnishing industry.
  • Best Managed Companies is a programme implemented in Belgium, which strengthens our position as the leading trusted advisor in the private market.
  • Digital transformation delivery in the insurance sector with a team leveraging the NWE network to make an impact that matters for a client in the insurance industry.
  • Exceeding audit expectations for a global brewer with a project in which the team built an integrated audit.
  • SPARKing a new performance experience internally and going beyond expectations to make the transition seamless for our talent.

The six local winners were invited to a CEO breakfast during which each team presented their project to Piet Vandendriessche. Our CEO asked the teams for their insights about what Purpose means to our organisation.

NWE Impact Awards 2019 - CEO Breakfast

"By putting the spotlight on our people, we encourage them to share their great stories about the impact they make at Deloitte.”

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium

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