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In today’s times of cutting-edge technology, automation, and digitalisation, we realise the need to re-think our corporate tax compliance processes completely.

Our core Compliance and Reporting team set to work

We first defined our goals and key stakeholders. Of course, our clients are at the heart of our corporate tax compliance services. They rely on us to help them fulfil their compliance requirements with state-of-the-art technology and an efficiently managed process. We therefore revised our internal processes in order to work out the kinks and be as efficient as possible. We also thought carefully about what data is really impactful to our clients, and created a standardised, branded, insightful tax return deliverable, which is easy to read and understand – including for those recipients who may not be proficient in Belgian corporate income tax regulation.

We were also keen on optimising the experience for our people by taking away manual, repetitive tasks. We needed a technology-fueled, intuitive tool to prepare tax returns and generate our client deliverables. After careful deliberation, considering internal development as well as scanning the market, we decided to work with Silverfin, a young innovative company.

Already having worked together with our Deloitte Accountancy colleagues, this innovative, forward-thinking firm further enabled Deloitte Tax and Legal to customise a corporate tax compliance engine that completely met our requirements – much more than any off-the-shelf tool could do.

Finally, conscious of client requests to collaborate with us in a digital manner, we brought the entire corporate tax compliance process online. Our Digital Tax Advisor platform does it all: exchanging data, questions and answers, easy access to documents shared between the clients and us, and tracking due dates.

"The collaboration we have with Deloitte is one full of entrepreneurship. We're very excited to participate in the digital transformation journey."

Joris Van Der Gucht, co-CEO Silverfin

The impact of our corporate tax compliance transformation can be summarised with the three R’s:

  • Risk management
    By incorporating pre-approved calculation modules and templates into the tool, we make sure everybody is using the correct, most up-to-date standards.
  • Retention
    Our core GCR team has been given the chance to be truly creative and innovative, resulting in a team that is happy to be with Deloitte. Also by taking away the repetitive, manual tasks from our people, they enjoy their job much more.
  • Reputation
    We received heart-warming reactions from clients on our process and deliverables. The professional branded deliverables and communication platform clearly inspire trust and commitment.

It’s exciting to see how our process is transforming thanks to technology and innovation. We have come a long way from filling out tax returns by hand!

“As like many other companies, Deloitte is going through a digital transformation and the Silverfin story is a perfect example of how our clients and our talent benefit from our efforts in this area.”

Christophe De Waele, Managing Partner, Digital Offerings and Flexible Delivery Models

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