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One year of SPARK

In short, SPARK is all about talking with people rather than about people. The overall ambition is to focus on quality conversations, future-focused coaching to find the best fit between personal aspirations and business ambitions, and better understanding of our people’s development needs while recognising the impact they are making to help them grow in our firm. All supported by a top notch and simple technology.

Having regular, quality conversations is truly becoming part of our Deloitte DNA. Further embedding this new habit is an ongoing journey of innovative blended learning in which every individual has his or her role to play.

To help people grow in their role as a Team Member, Team Leader or Coach, we have remodeled the existing Coaching Skill Building trainings for our practitioners to be in line with our SPARK philosophy. To further maximise their impact as Coaches and Team Leaders, managers and above have a variety of recommended SPARK Skill Building sessions available to them to boost their people management and coaching skills.

We’re proud of how Deloitters are taking the SPARK philosophy to heart and implementing it in their day-to-day life. We are confident that we on the right track towards further embedding a Coaching culture, thanks to the engagement of all our colleagues!

All about SPARK

SPARK has been transforming our firm with regular feedback, future-focused coaching, and quality conversations.

“By talking with my Coach about what energises me, I will be able to build more on my strengths while still having a focus and direction aligned with the business’ ambitions.”

Yasmine Bex, TMT Strategy Advisor, DSI

“Talent Reviews are good moments to reflect on purely people matters with the proper level of attention. We make sure that Talent Reviews remain future focused by translating the outcomes of discussions into concrete actions. By looking forward and focusing on development and strengths, we can help people grow.”

Nathalie Vandaele, Partner Consulting

“Skill building sessions are very important for all Coaches and Team Leaders to attend in order to lead by example. Keeping firm objectives in mind while reflecting and discussing personal goals is important; with SPARK, we’re taking the time to invest enough efforts in Coaching Conversations to guide people in their careers and overall well-being.”

Jan Baetens, Manager, Financial Advisory

“Engaging in SPARK will bring out the best in each individual and benefit our entire organisation.”

Inge Diels, Managing Partner Talent

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