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Young Audit Forum

“We want to interact with leadership about our day-to-day reality. It gives us the opportunity to raise some issues and concerns that they are not yet aware of, but also share ideas,” said Laurelie Reyné, Senior Audit Services. “We also delve into our core values, and related topics, but the focus is on the day-to-day job of an auditor,” added Heidi De keersmaecker, Senior Audit Services.

The boards are listening

Inspired by some of initiatives presented at the Global Young Audit Forum in the Netherlands last summer, gathering together young Audit professionals from different member firms, ideas were presented to the Belgian National Professional Practice Director (NPPD) Marie-Noëlle Godeau, who responded enthusiastically. The first initiative to hold monthly webinars to discuss hot topics was launched in collaboration with the Quality department, with three running from September to December 2018.

The Young Audit Forum is invited to present at leadership meetings on a regular basis. “There is definitely a two-way communication between us and leadership in preparing the workshops and roadshows for all professionals. We feel that they are very involved. The YAF first discusses what we think are focus points, based on the experience we have within our audit teams,” explained Liesbeth Eeckhaudt, Senior Audit Services. “The YAF is a very good initiative as we can make our voice heard. It also gives us the opportunity to think about how to increase efficiency in our daily jobs,” added Elisa De Clerck, Senior Audit Services.

“The drive to undisputed quality leadership starts from the field. Our Young Audit Forum has delivered great ideas from our day-to-day reality to come up with smart ways to do things better and close the gaps. Seeing the passion of these young auditors gives us a lot of energy.”

Joël Brehmen, Managing Partner Audit & Assurance

On the road

Our goal was to reach all young Audit professionals by the end of the summer by setting up roadshows to discuss topical issues and to spread the word about the Young Audit Forum, gathering ideas for new initiatives so that the group can expand its scope. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “We also have a mailbox, so people can reach out to us and list their concerns. They're still getting to know us and the mailbox, but they're already using it,” said Liesbeth. “Sometimes it's easier to contact one of us than the partner group or Quality department, and we can direct them to the correct people. We can also communicate the concerns or insights from the group to the leadership so that they have a full picture. The barrier between the two has been removed,” concluded Laurelie.

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