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Contributing to the production of food for the growing world population

Deloitte Private supports Globachem an international, family-owned agrochemical company

  • As family-owned businesses grow, there is nothing more important than working together with partners that understand their roots and share their vision.
  • Deloitte Private has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor to many of Belgium’s successful family companies and entrepreneurs, such as Globachem, thanks to its local presence and global reach.

We spoke with Els Paesmans, Co-founder of Globachem, to learn how Deloitte Private supports the company’s continuous growth.

What does Globachem do?

Globachem is an international, family-owned agrochemical company. We are specialised in developing, registering and marketing high quality crop protection products for agriculture and horticulture. We strive to find solutions for diseases/pests that do not yet have a good solution. Our slogan is “organic where possible, chemical where necessary”.

We are mainly active internationally. We now have more than 1,000 product approvals or registrations in more than 50 countries—95 percent goes to exports, especially the EU, but also North Africa, Russia, Brazil, etc. We do this with a team of passionate and committed employees of 12 different nationalities, paying close attention to family values.

As a family business, we can invest in projects that will only pay off within 10 years, due to strict regulations, while many other companies (or shareholders) do not have this patience.

Why did you turn to Deloitte Private?

It was very important for my husband Koen and I to have a good relationship with our accountant, who has really grown into a trusted advisor. We were working with one of Deloitte’s competitors, who left the Limburg region and as a result, became very hard to reach, failing to give us the support we expected and needed.

Our goal was to find a partner that understood the needs of family businesses, could help us on an international level, and had a local presence. Deloitte Private met all those criteria, and more.

Just like Deloitte, Globachem has a strong focus on innovation. We work faster and more flexibly than our competitors do and through our personal approach and strong relationship with the farmer, we ensure innovation and new ideas.

How has the collaboration with Deloitte Private evolved?

It has grown into a full multidisciplinary approach. We started with compliance & advisory services in 2011, and now collaborate on innovation projects, VAT, transfer pricing, corporate governance, and more. Recently Deloitte Private helped us implement Salesforce for project management. The go-live was scheduled for May and we didn’t have to postpone it due to the COVID-19 crisis, which was great.

What is the greatest benefit for your business of working with Deloitte Private?

Deloitte Private is our sounding board. We have a good, confidential relationship with them as our trusted advisor. They help us take on all of the challenges and opportunities we face. Most importantly, they not only answer the questions we ask, but also answer questions we don’t ask. They are proactive and a great, trusted advisor to Globachem.

“Our clients know that collaboration is crucial to success. Deloitte Private offers solutions to embed innovation at every level of the organisation. It is inspiring to work with a client such as Globachem that holds a similar vision..”

Emmanuel Brehmen, Managing Partner, Deloitte Private

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Contributing to the production of food for the growing world population

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