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Delivering the warmth of wood in an innovative way

Find out how Deloitte’s accountancy team collaborated with Woodstoxx

  • An entrepreneur is always thinking of ways to grow their business and stay ahead of the game. For fast players like Robbert Desmet, co-owner at Woodstoxx, knowing that he can get the personal advice from Deloitte Accountancy when he needs to make quick decisions, anytime, is essential. The team at Deloitte not only empowers the company to grow, but also its employees. We spoke with Robbert to learn more about the relationship with his trusted advisor.

What does Woodstoxx do?

Woodstoxx produces and fits parquet floors, wood terraces, facades and wall claddings. We mostly focus on installation, it accounts for 90 percent of our business. We place great emphasis on the quality and amenity value of wood. Approximately 70 percent of our customers are businesses, while 30 percent are consumers. Our strength lies in the efficient approach to every project, an aspect that appeals to architects and interior designers.

Why did you turn to Deloitte Accountancy?

In 2013, I was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and I won a number of hours of Deloitte Accountancy’s services. Our basic reporting results were professionalised, enabling us to make better decisions. Deloitte came back each month, challenging me. We worked on our first project together a year later. This led to more collaboration that has helped us grow and continue to improve our decision-making.

How has the relationship evolved over time?

In the past couple of years, we have launched different companies, with the help of Deloitte. We have also looked at acquisitions, but we chose not to complete the deals. Early this year we conducted a strategy exercise together to plan for the coming five years. Now we plan to do the same for HR. It’s a big project that will help us achieve our ambitious goals. We also need to structure our group more wisely.

As we move forward, we want Deloitte to keep challenging us.

The Woodstoxx team (Credit: Woodstoxx)

What is it like to work with Deloitte?

Woodstoxx is a fast grower and I make decisions fast. I need someone who is always available to advise me. The Deloitte team responds quickly, at short notice. It’s not just a company we work with, it’s part of our team. We share the same dynamic and many characteristics, and work very well together.

Deloitte not only helps Woodstoxx make better decisions, but also helps our people grow and take on some of the tasks themselves. This challenges them, and frees up Deloitte to add even more value.

“An entrepreneur is always thinking of ways to grow their business and stay ahead of the game. The Woodstoxx story is a perfect example of a great collaboration, sharing similar dynamics and characteristics to make an impact that matters.”

Sam Sluismans, Managing Partner, Accountancy

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Delivering the warmth of wood in an innovative way

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