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GLOBE fosters safe and inclusive workplaces

Empowering everyone in Deloitte to bring their whole selves to work

  • By rallying together throughout the year, our LGTB+ members and allies meet and discuss relevant topics around diversity and inclusion with the aim to provide all of our professionals with the opportunity to grow.

Across Deloitte, the objective of GLOBE is to foster safe and inclusive workplaces, empowering everyone in Deloitte to bring their whole selves to work and realise their full potential. Bringing together LGBT+ colleagues and allies is key to providing visible, trusted points of contact, to embracing a wide diversity of experiences and learning how we can all contribute to creating and upholding an inclusive environment. Having colleagues who actively listen and advocate, as well as senior role models on inclusion, can make a huge difference to LGBT+ people. With many inequalities still prevalent in society, allies both for and within the LGBT+ community are more important than ever.

“We want everyone to feel able to be their authentic self at work - to have a voice, be respected, and achieve, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or any other characteristic.”

Tom Declercq, Sponsoring Partner GLOBE

Summer of Pride

Social distancing measures may have kept us from celebrating in person but didn’t stop us celebrating all together. Deloitte Belgium was proud sponsor of Antwerp Pride 2020. This year’s theme ‘Together We Pride’ offered a variety of virtual events and an adapted programme that made it an unforgettable experience. While the events may have moved online, the heart of Pride remained unchanged: commemorating and celebrating the long journey the LGBT+ community has made toward acceptance and equal opportunities.


As of FY20, GLOBE is proud to work together with Open@Work, a non-profit membership network aimed at connecting LGBT+ people across companies. This collaboration further supports our overall vision. Deloitte hosted a dedicated event at Gateway – inviting internal and external Open@Work and GLOBE members to share experiences and listen to testimonials from our GLOBE network, including a keynote speaker from our Deloitte Netherlands office.

“Having a strong sense of belonging has never been more important than now, in a world rocked by COVID-19. With Pride events across the world having been cancelled due to the pandemic, it was all the more important for us to take part in the virtual Antwerp Pride 2020.”

Inge Diels, Managing Partner Talent

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GLOBE fosters safe and inclusive workplaces

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