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Impacting 50 million futures by 2030

WorldClass is a joint Deloitte Global and Deloitte Belgium ambition

  • Deloitte Global launched WorldClass, which rallies all member firms around one ambition—to impact 50 million futures by 2030 for a world of opportunity. Our Deloitte Belgium ambition is to prepare 350,000 lives by 2030. WorldClass demonstrates Deloitte’s commitment to help people access education, skill development, and opportunities throughout the entire organisation.

Deloitte Foundation

The Deloitte Foundation oversees our firm’s Corporate Responsibility strategy and brings together a series of societal projects in which we collaborate with strategic partners in Belgium and beyond. The projects focus on education, skills and opportunities, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. These pillars represent Deloitte’s culture as a coaching and learning organisation and make the best use of our skills to have a more significant impact.

In FY20, Deloitte Belgium put in more than 10,000 volunteer hours with over 1,000 of Deloitters involved. What’s more, we reached over 54 percent of our WorldClass targets and contributed over €700,000 in monetary donations.

Our objective is to constantly evolve and improve our partnerships to make the best out of the collaboration of our respective expertise. In order to strive for a balanced portfolio between education, skills and opportunities, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, we’ll focus on new partnerships in the sustainability domain in FY21.

Projects and organisations that contributed to our target:

Vlajo and Les Jeunes Entreprises empower students to develop entrepreneurial skills, consequently preparing them for their future professional life through simulation exercises on how to set up and build a company. Deloitte provides feedback on business plans, serves on competition juries, advises the initiative’s management and offers the Deloitte Innovation Award.

School 19 offers free coding courses to youngsters 18 and up with the aim of increasing IT and digital skills and consequently boosting jobs in Belgium. It also encourages women to go Tech via the She Loves To Code initiative.

BrightFuture matches mentors with underprivileged university students. A great example of how we support and encourage a-typical profiles to take their first career steps. Workshops and coaching sessions are organised.

Fund Isaan accelerates education by offering English classes to teachers and students, which helps to build a stronger community in the region of Isaan, Thailand.

StreetwiZe – Mobile school offers workshops and trainings derived from the experiences and learnings of people who live and survive on the streets; the ‘street model’ is consequently applied to corporate life and shared to empower professionals. All profits are used to further develop the Mobile School, an education programme teaching street kids and workers.

Close the Gap is an international social enterprise that aims to bridge the digital divide by offering high-quality, pre-owned computers donated by European companies to educational, medical and social projects in developing and emerging countries.

The Caring Entrepreneurship Fund (CEF) supports entrepreneurs in the creation of their business in the Health and Wellness sector. Start-ups, especially in the field of health and welfare, are a key force for development and progress to overcome unsatisfied medical needs and the ageing of the population.

What's next?

During these unprecented times, now more than ever activating our Purpose has become crucial. As companies get creative in response to the COVID-19 crisis, more will close the Purpose gap. We’ll put Purpose into action to inspire and motivate our Deloitte professionals. Employee engagement will become vital going forward. This means prioritising employee engagement over cash donations to create meaningful (learning) experiences for our talent. Besides this, we’ll strive to achieve a balanced portfolio of partnerships by launching new Sustainability strategic partnerships in FY21. Finally, we’ll amplify our impact by embedding Purpose in everything we do and incorporate it into our operations and decision-making processes.

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Impacting 50 million futures by 2030

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