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Innovation at Deloitte

Looking ahead to stay ahead

  • At Deloitte, innovation is more than a catchphrase. It’s an integral part of how we future-proof our business and those of our clients by bringing creative problem-solving to the forefront to truly make an impact that matters.
  • We have a long and rich history of innovation-led initiatives, internal ones, as well as in partnership with some important actors in the Belgian economy.
  • We are now taking our culture of innovation to the next level by helping our clients to reimagine their business leveraging digital technologies.

Connecting the dots for our clients and businesses through our Digital Offerings initiative

Formed in 2019 and led by Christophe De Waele, the Digital Offerings Council is putting the spotlight on innovation and the evolution of our professional services to a level where we deliver value to our clients through our talented people and technology assets.

To future proof our business, we empower our people to look for opportunities to innovate. We do this by digitalising our key offerings and developing assets in a consistent, integrated way. These enhancements allow us to better hone in on our clients’ needs, enhance the user experience, and facilitate collaboration.

"Now more than ever our clients are asking themselves what the world will look like in 2030. How can they deal with one of the greatest challenges of our times, the sheer growing volume of data? How should they use intelligent automation to grasp opportunities? As we go through unprecedented change, our focus and commitment are to act as a trusted advisor and help our clients navigate through this transformation."

Christophe De Waele, Managing Partner, Digital Offerings and Flexible Delivery Models

The art of the possible

We actively question the status quo. By fostering a mindset of “continuously innovating”, our people seek new ways to digitalise our services and further improve the user experience. As innovation pioneers, we explore the art of the possible to create new solutions of tomorrow, today.

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Innovation at Deloitte

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