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Introducing extra flexibility for our people in challenging times

Summer Flex Leave provided an agile working solution for our people during COVID-19

  • COVID-19 is challenging our people like never before: shifting overnight to virtual work, being disconnected from family and friends, and demanding our people juggle their daily lives even more while working from home and taking care of their children.

“I chose to participate in the Summer Flex Leave Programme to have dedicated time to spend with my kids during June and July. For me, it’s important to leverage this flexibility option when I can focus on my family so that when I’m working I can give my best to my colleagues, team and client work. I appreciate that the programme supports flexible working and helps our business during what may be an uncertain summer period. I feel fortunate that being part of a connected and collaborative team makes it possible for me to participate.”

Nadia Shah, a senior manager from Human Capital

Taking into account these increased demands, we designed a new programme to give our people the option to take extra time off during the summer to take care of their children, reconnect with friends and family or simply re-energise. As part of our Talent Strategy, this programme respects peoples’ priorities and supports all personal needs. It also sets the tone for a more compassionate culture that enables flexibility that fits real life where all employees can do their best work.

Summer Flex Leave offers our people the option to take 10 to 40 extra days off. What makes it such an attractive package is that it’s partially sponsored by Deloitte. We organised several webinars to explain the concept, how to apply and its implications. And it’s all supported with a dedicated intranet page providing useful information, a FAQ and access to a pragmatic request tool to ensure business leaders remained involved.

It’s no wonder the programme was a resounding success with a very high participation rate. Many of our people jumped at the chance to take a well-deserved—extended—break to recharge their batteries and spend some extra quality time with family and friends.

“I am taking 10 working days off this summer not only to take the time to connect with my relatives, but also to make sure that I have the necessary headspace to reflect on what has happened up until now in the world. I believe it’s important for everyone to take a moment to recharge and focus on activities that give them energy, especially in these troubled times. This is not a sprint, but a marathon, so let’s make sure we take care of each other in the next year to come.”

Claire Charlier, junior consultant

"This programme is a great example of agility and creativity in action: creating custom solutions in the moment for our people."

Inge Diels, Managing Partner, Talent

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Introducing extra flexibility for our people in challenging times

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