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NSE Impact Awards

Putting our Purpose into action

  • The North South Europe (NSE) Impact Awards celebrate our collaboration and successes by highlighting the initiatives that make an impact that matters for our clients, our talent and society.

In FY20, Deloitte Belgium and participating member firms marked the third edition of the NSE Impact Awards. The internal awards programme is all about demonstrating how we put our Purpose into action.

The local executive panel of judges selected the top eight finalists for our firm and each of the winning projects were nominated in teams. In summary:

  • December with a Heart: Warming up the coldest time of the year by giving back to society – NSE Impact Awards winner (read full story below)
  • Chain Reaction: Providing access to essential medication for vulnerable communities – NSE Impact Awards winner (read full story below)
  • amfori is the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. The Deloitte Analytics team developed a programme that enables amfori’s members to have a clear and complete view on their performance in terms of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across their entire supply chain.
  • MyTax: Deloitte developed a new digital tax platform, MyTax, for Bruxelles Fiscalité, it promoted the usage of the new platform as part of the project scope. Imagined and delivered by Deloitte, this is the very first “above the line” national communication campaign ever created for a client with all creative and art direction, definition of the tone of voice, illustrations, and animations done by our colleagues of Deloitte Digital Belgium.
  • ClientFit: A three-year strategic project that focuses on creating an outstanding client experience by empowering all our employees in becoming trusted advisors to their clients by capturing the voice of our clients in key moments in our collaboration. Based on this we set up a client experience framework, offering our employees a clear and uniform framework to serve as guidance of what clients expect from us during different stages of the collaboration. Clientfit proved to be a great success.
  • eBox: The single digital go-to platform for handling all your personal government documents. eBox becomes the go-to platform for government documents for 11 million Belgian citizens. For each challenge encountered, Deloitte supported them in the governance and the QA of the platform through our multidisciplinary approach and experience.
  • Rock Werchter: Deloitte Belgium is always looking for ways to attract the best talent and showcase the Deloitte culture in a highly competitive hiring environment. Therefore, in 2019, for the third year, Deloitte Belgium partnered with two of the largest European music festivals, Rock Werchter (a four-day festival) and TW Classic, to position Deloitte as an “attractive, human, and fun employer” by creating a platform where people can share their Deloitte experience and endorse the brand.
  • Syntra: Addressed the shortage of dedicated customs professionals, while offering labour opportunities to people experiencing challenges in that regard through designing, organising, coordinating and hosting a specific learning trajectory, including classroom trainings, online learning and internships. Together with Syntra Deloitte offered a selected number of motivated candidates the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the customs area, with the aim of improving their chances of finding a job in this sector.

Two projects were selected as NSE Impact Award winners:
December with a Heart & Chain Reaction.

"Beyond giving back to society, this programme was also about empowering Deloitte’s employees by energising during a difficult time of the year.”

Hilde Van de Velde, Chief Purpose Officer

"Our NSE Impact Award winners and finalists proved that there are countless ways to make an impact that matters.”

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium

Impact Award Winners 2020

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