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Our sustainability journey and the Green Sounding Board

Mobilising the Green Sounding Board to meet the ‘Great Purpose Challenge’

  • The Great Purpose Challenge ran from 29 November 2019 to 17 January 2020, and asked the 45,000 Deloitters across the NSE to share their suggestions on how we can become an even more Purpose-led organisation.
  • Hundreds of great ideas were shared on the platform, with the topic of Sustainability proving to be the most popular subject, and many of those inspiring proposals have already been implemented at both the NSE level and across Belgium. This initiative demonstrated that a lot of what we’re already doing is right but we can do more and respond in a way that embeds purpose across the organisation.

Our sustainability journey

Enter the Green Sounding Board, a diverse group of Deloitters from every area of the business whose goal it is to engage their colleagues with the firm’s sustainability journey. Launched in February 2020, the Green Sounding Board is composed of Deloitters from all business units and levels. Its goal is to engage our people in the firm’s sustainability journey to make a positive impact now and to empower the Deloitte sustainability steering committee to integrate it in our sustainability strategy.

In mobilising our vision to become a sustainable company, the Green Sounding Board applies a bottom-up strategy by collecting all sustainable ideas/projects from our people to allow them to be heard, categorises these ideas (matrix) and reports them to the steering committee, and collects feedback from our people on current projects to better understand their expectations.

Getting involved

It operates a top-down approach by being an ambassador of current sustainable projects and matches existing projects and people expectations. Lastly, it ensures a lever effect by allowing our people to involve themselves in sustainable projects.

Within a few months, the Green Sounding Board managed to gather 85 participants, and the number is constantly rising. It has organised several workshops and brainstorming sessions about diverse topics such as how to reduce plastic at Gateway, how to implement the results of the Great Purpose Challenge, and how to fight digital pollution. The Green Sounding Board gains inspiration and gets forecast best practices from several member firms, such as the Netherlands and the United States. It is a relatively new initiative but we see it making a great impact as we pave the way for a more sustainable future.

"The Great Purpose Challenge’s crowdsourcing platform offered our people the opportunity to tap into their creativity, dig deep, and look for solutions that benefit not just our business but also society as a whole."

Hilde Van de Velde, Chief Purpose Officer

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Our sustainability journey and the Green Sounding Board

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