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Parents@Deloitte takes on a new dimension

Simply Irrestible Organisation

  • At Deloitte, we aim to be a simply irresistible organisation, striving to be an inclusive and diverse firm that respects all family models.

During FY19, we redesigned our Parents@Deloitte approach so it’s more enriching, informative and relevant to the current reality. The dedicated intranet page offers supporting documents which include administrative checklists, conversation guidelines and other useful links. Next to this, our invaluable Parents@ Deloitte ambassadors are there for our parents and soon-to-be parents to ask questions, give comments or just have a friendly chat!

Walk-in sessions

In line with our Parents@Deloitte goal to assist colleagues through their parental journey, Deloitte is organising monthly walk-in sessions. Questions regarding compensation, flexibility options, benefits, insurance and administrative-related questions can be discussed in person with one of our Reward & Analytics colleagues. As part of building a workplace that’s easy for parents to be part of, this sets the tone for a smoother administrative process and more positive experience for our professionals before and after childbirth in their (new) role as parents.

Working remotely with kids

Many Deloitte parents faced a new reality during the recent lockdown: working while caring for their children, a balancing act that required flexibility, creativity, and a lot of energy. To help support our parents within Deloitte, the Parents@Deloitte programme provided best practices, tips and tricks, and useful links on how to work remotely while being there for your kids. By conducting a survey among our practitioner parents, we were able to adjust our offerings to address their most urgent needs. From advice on how to structure your day to family workouts over Zoom and educational websites to enrich your children while they learn from home, our Parents@Deloitte programme offered a variety of ways to help Deloitte families thrive.

Physical well-being

Looking after the physical health of our (future) parents contributes to overall wellbeing. That’s why we organised prenatal yoga sessions and virtual family workouts to get the entire family moving during quarantine.

"We are proud to sponsor the Parents@Deloitte approach to support our professionals in their personal lives before and after they became parents."

Kathleen De Brabander, Sponsoring Partner Parents@Deloitte

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Parents@Deloitte takes on a new dimension

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