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Seeking talent during a pandemic

Switching seamlessly to digital

  • COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our business, including Deloitte’s Talent Acquisition.
  • We went from in-person, face-to-face recruitment where candidates can see, feel and experience life as a Deloitter to a full A-Z virtual hiring experience.

At Deloitte, we literally pivoted overnight, keeping the candidate experience our key focus for both campus and experienced hires. Virtual sessions successfully replaced all our in-house campus recruitment events. Junior candidate assessments were transformed into virtual coffee sessions and contract signings were celebrated remotely. We took it all in stride, showing our ability to be agile, acting rapidly to the new normal and ensuring the continuity of our hiring strategy.

Despite the volatile environment, we managed to ensure a smooth virtual onboarding for approximately 80 experienced new hires during the lockdown. Without missing a beat, we transformed the usual process in order to guarantee social distancing and business continuity. From adapting the mobility package, finding solutions for delivering IT material—even abroad—to virtual Meet & Greet sessions with our CEO welcoming our future starters, we have proven that making the switch to digital was seamless.

Reinforcing our strong brand reputation, we continued to connect with the student community. During the past months, we organised five virtual training sessions with well-known Belgian speakers on topics from mental resilience and social media skills, to a cooking class and fitness workout. It gave students a well-deserved break while studying for their finals.

Next to attracting top talent and in response to the uncertainty of COVID-19, Deloitte launched an internal Job Centre with its main objective to ensure that internal talent with reduced workloads continue to have meaningful work across teams and businesses. As of early April, the Talent Acquisition team used its expertise to match practitioners with less work with available jobs. So far, several practitioners were matched with interesting cross-firm assignments on a temporary basis.

“The Job Centre initiative helps to create meaningful work. Within one week, one of our consultants from the Strategy & Performance team (Deloitte Accountancy) was able to support the national Purpose team for eight weeks. She is conducting internal analyses, interviewing internal and external stakeholders and preparing reports to further strengthen Deloitte’s Purpose programme. The team from the Job Centre was very quick to act, communicated clearly and had a well-prepared onboarding process. It’s great to see how Deloitte acts as one in these special times.”

Bruno Peelaers, Director, Deloitte Accountancy

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Seeking talent during a pandemic

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