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Sharing knowledge and saving lives

Limiting the virus spread

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a dramatic increase in the demand for disinfectant to limit the spread of the virus. Johnson & Johnson and various other manufacturers came together as a consortium to repurpose and share their production capacity to meet the steep demand. Given that disinfectant did not fall within their traditional manufacturing and supply chain setting, it raised various complexities.

Thanks to the support of Deloitte Belgium, Johnson & Johnson and the other members of the consortium were able to distribute almost 90,000 litres of alcohol disinfectant in five months to the care sector.

“This truly was a joint effort, a great example of collaboration in a crisis. With the help of many actors in the healthcare and manufacturing field, we were able to adapt our supply chain to ensure that we could make a difference by manufacturing much needed disinfectant with our partners. Together we were able to help 122 different care institutions, ranging from hospitals to psychiatric facilities, and revalidation centres.”

Bie Van de Vloet, Janssen Pharmaceutica

A digital platform for disinfectant

Deloitte helped ramp up a new ordering platform for these disinfectants, creating a standardised process for the treatment centres to attain additional volumes of disinfectants, given the traditional sources were often depleted due to the high demand.

The digital platform allowed for the working group, existing of representatives from multiple healthcare facilities to triage, if needed, the volumes. It also enabled them to expedite the shipment of these volumes to the treatment centres and thus ensuring that the facilities with the highest need received their supplies in due time.

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Sharing knowledge and saving lives

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