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Showing resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Meet our Best Managed Companies

  • In the midst of uncertainty, such as the COVID-19 crisis, being resilient is of the essence.
  • The Best Managed Companies programme, led by an internationally proven framework that was launched 27 years ago in Canada, supports resilient entrepreneurship and sustainable growth.

This year, the third edition of Belgium Best Managed Companies, an independent jury recognised 20 Belgian private companies for their clear strategy, extensive expertise, commitment, and financial performance.

Twenty Belgian companies recognised for their resilience

Provan, Zuidnatie, Vandenbussche, Sack Zelfbouw, Stadsbader, Quality by Design, Saey, and Vanheede Environment Group now proudly bear the quality label, joining the 12 requalifiers that retained the Best Managed Company title: CE+T Group, EASI, E.D.&A., LVD Company, Protime, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, Vandersanden Group, Golazo, Soudal Group, Easyfairs, Thomas & Piron, and EXKi.

“Resilience is the quality that enables organisations to respond quickly but also be prepared for uncertainties and survive and thrive. A resilient company is able to achieve sustainability, emerging from economic downturns and remaining steadfast while facing growing uncertainty, such as the current COVID-19 crisis. Best Managed Companies not only show strong competency in innovation, leadership and risk management, but they are highly agile.”

Nikolaas Tahon, Best Managed Companies Programme Leader

Highly resilient organisations, such as the Best Managed Companies specifically combine the common characteristics of strategic resilience and organisational agility and actively focus on areas such as market diversification, effectively remote working, clear communication to their people and stakeholders, stress tests, and scenario planning.

These qualities enable them to adapt and thrive through different economic cycles, including the challenging times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The greater an enterprise's long-term mission, the greater its vitality.

Recipients of Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies Award 2020

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Showing resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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