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Supporting our clients to respond, recover and thrive

Our COVID-19 response

  • When the COVID-19 pandemic led to the lockdown in Belgium, organisations were confronted with many unexpected challenges, as well as opportunities. The focus quickly shifted to mitigating the effects of the measures in place to limit the spread of the virus, with Deloitte offering its knowledge and resources to help its clients ensure business continuity as the situation evolved.

“We all need insights from experts and peers when we are faced with unprecedented circumstances. Managing the COVID-19 crisis, which looks set to continue for a while, requires working together and sharing knowledge and ideas. We remain committed to collaborating with organisations to help them future proof themselves to withstand any future impacts of this crisis.”

Eric Callewaert, Managing Partner, Clients & Industries

Tackling the challenges with resilience

Our extensive range of go-to-market initiatives included the immediate launch of weekly national client webinars, focusing on the three key phases of the crisis: respond, recover, and thrive. At first, the objective was to prepare for and manage continuity, while learning and emerging stronger were addressed in the second phase.

The weekly topics changed accordingly. We have shared insights into matters ranging from cost resilience to state aid, and flexible consumption to the reopening of offices. With 12 webinars attended by over 2,000 clients from different industries before summer, the aim now is to focus on preparing for the ‘next normal’.

Deloitte has also helped many clients, including public institutions, with their COVID-19 response and recovery, taking a look at different areas of their operations, including workforce, supply chain, IT, cyber, business continuity, etc. The objective has been, and remains, helping businesses through these challenging times and enabling them to emerge more resilient on the other side.

Important exchange of ideas and source of insights

One of the other initiatives that we have taken to serve our clients in these uncertain times is the COVID-19 CxO Round Up. Small groups of executives from different industries have regular touchpoints, where they discuss their top priorities given the current circumstances and are a sounding board for each other. Deloitte guest speakers provide insights based on their expertise.

Forty-five companies have attended the 33 CxO Round Ups to date. These discussions provide all parties with unique insights into how customers are thinking and how they make decisions in these uncertain times.

As this crisis continues to evolve, we learn that its impact is felt on all aspects of society. Therefore, we are committed to continuing to help private and governmental organisations of all sizes to successfully manage the challenges, and opportunities, that arise.

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Supporting our clients to respond, recover and thrive

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