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Taking our conversations to a deeper level

Learn more about SPARK, our performance experience

  • At Deloitte, we’re committed to becoming a simply irresistible organisation for all.
  • Our mission is to create a positive environment where people are proud to work, receive opportunities for growth and feel valued by their colleagues and leadership.
  • With this mission in mind, in 2018 we introduced SPARK our new performance experience, where qualitative conversations, regular feedback and future-focused coaching are at the core.

Taking these quality conversations to the next level, we introduced Start to Check-In in November 2019. This online journey for both team members and team leaders enhances their Check-In skills through a series of six guided conversations. Throughout these guided conversations, both team members and team leaders are coached in talking about topics they wouldn’t naturally discuss during their Check-In conversations, yet are essential to make a conversation truly impactful. Similar to the concept of Start to Run, conversation topics begin with easy subjects and gradually build up to more difficult conversations.

Module 1 - Let’s talk about what to talk about

Through a practical tool, team members and team leaders discover which topics they’re already covering well, and which matters to further explore to broaden the impact of the quality conversation.

Module 2 - Let’s talk straight
The single most important factor to create a climate of trust is straight talk: the ability to share openly what is on one’s mind in a respectful way. This session elaborates on different feedback habits they can experiment with in order to grow towards a culture of straight talk.

Module 3 - Let’s share our feedback type
Giving downward or upward feedback is not only about the content. It’s important to be mindful about the way people give feedback as individuals have certain preferences in giving/receiving feedback. This module helps team members and team leaders understand their own feedback preferences and provides tools on how to make different preferences work together.

Module 4 - Let’s focus on strengths
During this module, team members and team leaders learn to discuss Team Members’ strengths, how he/she can apply these strengths on a daily basis and how Team Leaders can support this.

Module 5 - Let’s talk about leadership
As people have different preferences and styles when it comes to leadership, this module helps to open the conversation and discover practices for team members and team leaders to optimise their working relationship.

Module 6 - Let’s build trust
Trust is a key factor for driving performance, commitment and happiness at work. This module focusses on how trustworthy people are perceived and how to increase trust with colleagues and clients.

“You don’t have to be great to start to Check-In, you just have to Start to Check-In.”

Inge Diels, Managing Partner, Talent

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Taking our conversations to a deeper level

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