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Belgium Best Managed Companies 2021

The Best Managed Companies programme, which is in its fourth year, recognises Belgian private companies that set professional standards of business performance.

In May we revealed and recognised the 2021 Belgium Best Managed Companies laureates during a unique celebration show, which, respecting the COVID guidelines, was a scaled down, in-person ceremony livestreamed to a broader audience from Maison De La Poste in Brussels.

Twenty-four companies were selected by an independent jury, each rigorously evaluated using the Best Managed Companies global framework criteria: a clear, long-term strategy, extensive capabilities, strong commitment, and excellent financial performance.


Gold Best Managed Companies

Meet the laureates

Aertssen Group, Belgian Pork group, Elneo, Locinox and VK Architects & Engineers joined the 19 companies that retained the label from previous years: CE+T Group, EASI, E.D.&A., LVD Group, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, Vandersanden Group, Easyfairs, EXKi, Golazo, Soudal Group, Thomas & Piron, Provan, Quality by Design, Sack Zelfbouw, Saey, Stadsbader, Vandenbussche, Vanheede Environment Group, and Zuidnatie.

Seeing gold

The 2021 laureates include six companies that received the Gold label: CE+T Group, EASI, E.D.&A., LVD Group, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, and Vandersanden Group. The Gold label rewards the Best Managed Companies that have successfully retained the recognition for four consecutive years.

“Best Managed Companies demonstrate a great ability to manage opportunities and threats, an optimistic and clear vision of the future, as well as a strong commitment to a sustainable strategy. These assets allow them to embrace the world of tomorrow and capitalise on their strengths.”
Bruno Peelaers, Best Managed Companies Programme Director

Bruno Peelaers, Deloitte Best Managed Companies Programme Director
Nikolaas Tahon, Best Managed Companies Programme Lead, Virginie Claes, host, and Françoise Chombar, Chairwoman of the Best Managed Companies jury and Chairwoman of Melexis

“Every year we are surprised by the openness and willingness of these entrepreneurs to engage in a discussion about their strengths and challenges. During the global pandemic, we have seen the agility with which these companies adapt to unforeseen circumstances and turn their challenges into a competitive advantage.”
Nikolaas Tahon, Best Managed Companies Programme Lead

Role models in the Belgian entrepreneurial landscape

After what has been a challenging year for many businesses, it was more important than ever before to acknowledge leadership as well as the resilience and agility that enabled these companies to contribute to the speedy recovery of the economy.

These are the exact values that the Best Managed Companies programme rewards, supports, and stimulates. Best Managed Companies are shining examples of resilient entrepreneurship and sustainable growth, making a positive lasting impact on their own company, and the future of our economy.

Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium

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Recognising the 2021 laureates