Transforming city streets to classrooms

Think of as a ‘blackboard on wheels,’ explains founder Arnoud Raskin, speaking of his hybrid organisation that provides educational resources to impoverished children by transforming city streets into classrooms.

Using transportable pods equipped with built-in, interactive zones that offer an immersive experience, school-aged children can explore, learn and grow, which maximises their personal development.

Tapping into potential

The students of are growing up in extreme poverty, a population often overlooked or seen as problematic. It’s estimated that around 150 million children and youth worldwide are growing up in these harsh conditions. Arnoud knows the kind of positive contribution these kids can make, if only our society could help them tap into their potential.

It’s this mission that’s at the heart of, and they are continuously investing to build out their school on wheels programme, but the organisation has also transformed over time and grown in its offerings to remain relevant and extend their reach.


Amplifying their impact

Deloitte Private provides a wide range of support for, from legal and tax advice to consulting on strategic projects that help this non-profit amplify their impact.  

With a multidisciplinary approach, our people developed sustainable, future-proofing solutions that advance the organisation’s StreetSmart platform, ensure GDPR compliance, and define their go-to market strategy.

Deloitte Belgium also just concluded a project that defined a more integrated operating model for, ensuring operational excellence in its social hybrid model.

Working together to make a positive impact on our community, Deloitte is helping build a better world, one street at a time.

Arnoud Raskin, founder of and StreetwiZe, working with kids in Mexico. (© Rafael De Prost)

“ links seamlessly with two strategic Purpose domains under the Deloitte Foundation, education and entrepreneurship. We are happy to contribute to the mission and impact of this organisation by offering our skills and expertise to ensure sustainable solutions that better prepare them for the future.”
Hilde Van de Velde, Chief Purpose Officer