“Cloud 1.0 and 2.0 have a significant impact on an organisation’s technological capabilities. However, Cloud 3.0 shifts the focus toward overall business transformation across the entire organisation.”
Rolf Driesen, Managing Partner, Consulting

Why your organisation needs to take the lead

Cloud has evolved significantly over the years from Cloud 1.0 to the emergence of Cloud 3.0 today. With its multi-faceted benefits, organisations that embrace the cloud not only achieve external competitive advantages, but also strengthen the organisation internally, making it more resilient, more agile and easier to transform.

Today, it is estimated that approximately 90 percent* of companies are using some type of cloud services (Cloud 1.0 and 2.0). However, very few have embarked on the Cloud 3.0 journey.

*Source; https://451research.com/images/Marketing/press_releases/Pre_Re-Invent_2018_press_release_final_11_22.pdf


Five shifts to 3.0

Reaching Cloud 3.0 typically requires five fundamental shifts, from operational efficiency and flexibility to growth, innovation, and optimisation. These five shifts are needed as cloud is a solution of unlimited tech capabilities that provides connectivity within and beyond the enterprise. Cloud is also an enabler for new delivery models, helping to reimagine the possible, and to become part of the services economy and ecosystems.

However, moving data and applications to the cloud is not enough. Disruption comes when core operational processes are reimagined, key resources are reconfigured, and human capital is redeployed through the lens of cloud.


The Deloitte difference

With the recent conjunction of technological and business evolutions, a paradigm shift has emerged, whereby the impact of the cloud is moving from technology challenge to business transformation.

Organisations must adopt a cloud strategy to capture Cloud 3.0’s full potential, and mitigate the new competition risks. The first key step is to create a common Cloud 3.0 vision to generate the required C-suite buy-in. Having the right capabilities around the table is essential, which Deloitte can help achieve by organising an offsite workshop with the leadership.

“Cloud 3.0 enables faster innovation, which can benefit every organisation. However, the transformation must go beyond technology. A successful cloud journey involves the whole organisation, not just IT. Executive alignment is a key success factor. The leadership must get involved and commit to the process to reap all the benefits.”
Patrick Callewaert, NSE Cloud Transformation Lead