Making an impact in the legal profession

With our Purpose in mind, Deloitte Legal strives to change the world and contribute to the community through specific projects and valuable pro bono work. One of these projects is DIApositief, which aims to help young first- and second-generation immigrants to study law and, ultimately, build a career as legal professionals. 

Launched by the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten aan de balie te Brussel (Dutch Bar Association at the Brussels Bar) to help ensure that everyone feels supported by the law in Brussels, where 62 percent of residents are of foreign origin or have at least one parent who is, the project is aimed at young people in their last year at secondary school who have an interest in law. Each year, 20 candidates are selected and, after having followed the whole programme, they participate in a mandatory competition, the winner of which is awarded a scholarship for the duration of his or her five-year studies.


The DIApositief programme

The programme provides an introduction to the legal profession and our legal system, and includes visits to the courthouse, the Legal Aid Office, prison, national or international law firms of various specialties, as well as interviews with lawyers, professors and magistrates. 

DIApositief attracted quite a lot of attention last year when King Philippe of Belgium visited the Palace de Justice courthouse of Brussels and spoke with young lawyers about the programme. 


Inspiration to impact

The support Deloitte Legal offers to the projects that centre around inclusion and helping others comes in various forms. An important aspect is its team members actively volunteering their time and sharing their experiences to guide people who can benefit from their insights.

“I am delighted to be one of the mentors of the Bright Future programme run by Be.Face. I share my experiences, as well as tips and tricks, with students with a less favourable background or home situation to help them to transition from higher education to employment. It is very rewarding for me to be able to give back and see the students find their way to a brighter future.”
Laura Legardien, Junior Associate, Deloitte Legal