“We are recognised by the market—both Deloitte and international MNCs and organisations—as the leading International accounting and direct tax compliance practice.”

Sam Sluismans, Managing Partner, Deloitte Accountancy

B-ACTS and E-ACTS join forces

Our B-ACTS (Belgian Accounting and Corporate Tax Services) team has been consistently delivering top quality accounting and tax services to Belgian-based subsidiaries and organisations for more than 30 years.

Since 2005, E-ACTS (European Accounting and Corporate Tax Services) has offered similar services to multinationals with a presence across Europe and beyond.

While both teams have been very successful in their respective areas, just like our Deloitte DNA, we’re always looking for ways to improve our services for our clients while also offering a unique talent experience.


Offering a seamless client experience

In early June, our B-ACTS and E-ACTS teams joined forces and are now known as I-ACTS, (International Accounting and Corporate Tax Teams) offering a seamless client experience and develop long-lasting relationships through the best talent, state-of-the-art technology, breakthrough insights and innovation. 


Our aspirations

With I-ACTS, we hope to accomplish the following objectives: 

  • Adopt a market strategy focused on international companies and organisations
  • Offer a distinct ‘best value for money’ service proposition to the market
  • Implement a flexible resourcing model
  • Expose our talent to an exponential learning curve and increased responsibilities

Driven by further centralisation and digitisation of finance and accounting functions; by an increased demand in the market for multiterritory outsourcing and end-to-end accounting and tax reporting solutions; and by the continuously changing regulatory environment, we are convinced that this combination is the right recipe for achieving our aspirations.