“We secured this incredible strategic win by truly collaborating across different member firms and disciplines. We positioned Deloitte as the innovator, but above all a partner that will walk alongside the biopharmaceutical company’s tax team, which clearly differentiated us amongst the five firms in the running.”
Pascal Van Hove, Managing Partner, Tax and Legal

Partnering with a global pharmaceutical company

Deloitte has been selected by a global biopharmaceutical company to operate its global compliance processes for corporate income tax, statutory accounting, tax provisioning, indirect tax, transfer pricing, and research and development for the next three to five years. With this win we reinforce our global position as a strategic MDM compliance advisor for years to come, including the pending SAP S/4HANA transformation journey that is lurking around the corner.

An international collaboration

Having been the company’s tax advisor for over 20 years, we started to reflect with the global tax and finance team on their tax transformation journey early 2019. As various ideas were being considered, we launched a tax transformation lab in 2020 where the power of Deloitte as a global firm showed strength, innovation and agility. Teams from the Netherlands, the UK, Singapore and the US were determined to make our impact count.

In December 2020, the global company issued an official request for information (RFI) for the three-year contract. We positioned ourselves as a trusted partner, focusing on three key pillars: transformational compliance, harnessing the power of technology, and elevating the tax function.

By combining forces across member firms and disciplines, and positioning Deloitte as the innovator amongst the five firms in the running, but above all a partner that will walk alongside the biopharmaceutical company’s tax team, we secured the incredible strategic win.

"This truly is an example of Deloitte at its best. We have combined forces across countries and disciplines during the bid process to be selected and look forward to working together with the company and our international colleagues to help it create a leading tax function."
Annelies Dieusaert, Partner, Tax and Legal