'Welcome back' with a difference.

Celebrating what makes us...us

Deloitte offices are synonymous with that feeling of fellowship, of respect, of community and fun—what we like to call ‘Good Vibes.’ It’s why our people love working here and what we have missed during these past 17 months due to the pandemic. To mark our gradual return to the office, we’re bringing back good vibes! From cupcake deliveries, ice-cream stands, fresh Italian coffee and smoothies at our Gateway office to offering fun vouchers for team-bonding activities, we are celebrating what makes us…us.   

Part and parcel of feeling good is being well. This is where connection, engagement and socialisation come into play. As part of our Energise@Deloitte programme that focuses on all aspects of wellbeing—mental resilience, physical activity and fun and connection—we gave our people plenty of occasions to reconnect with colleagues and rediscover our unique culture.


Like the good old days

After more than a year and a half of not seeing each other in person, we pulled out all the stops and organised a number of lively activities to remind everyone that we know how to have fun. Over the summer, tunes, dedications and memories floated over the airwaves as many of our business units held dedicated radio shows with the help of well-known Belgian DJs. Our Gateway office has also seen its fair share of brilliant events, ranging from spectacular live shows to casual get-togethers with colleagues over coffee and donuts.

These activities were a welcome breath of fresh air and an opportunity to share in some warm summer vibes with their team.

Sweet treats for sweet moments.

Bringing back the Good Vibes