Energise@Deloitte 2.0

Our Energise@Deloitte programme has been inspiring and energising our people for years, and this past year is no exception.

During the pandemic, we reimagined our fitness offering as Energise@Home to provide our talent with a range of activities that maximise self-care in these unusual times.

The first challenge of 2021 was our Office Tour Challenge, which encouraged employees to walk or run 560 kilometres—the total distance between all Deloitte offices in Belgium—in three weeks together with up to six colleagues. More than 600 Deloitters formed 109 groups to enjoy the challenge, tracking their progress and sharing updates on social media.


Staying active and inspired

Through our Energise@Deloitte platform, we’ve offered a variety of group e-classes like yoga and family workouts, to help our people remain active and connected. Our keynote webinars featuring superb guest speakers like Stijn Swijns, former Special Forces Operator, and Nina Derwael, Olympic gold medalist, have sparked creativity and helped improve focus, mental resilience, form healthy habits, and improve working from home with ergonomics tips.

A wide variety of resources, tips and tricks, and uplifting insights are also available on our Energise@Deloitte platform to encourage our people to make the most of their time at home.

Energise@Deloitte cycling ambassadors smile for the camera during their final challenge