“After an unprecedented year, working together virtually, we decided as a team that it was time to reconnect. Reconnect around our own common Purpose and start shaping our own plan to thrive. The Find Your Why workshop was instrumental in helping us step back and reflect on what gives each of us the energy, the inspiration to give the very best of each of us to our clients and the team.”
Annelies Verbruggen, Deloitte Director Human Capital

Uncovering your purpose

What does it take to give the best of yourself? What drives you to make a difference? Those are some of the questions that we ask our people through our ‘Find Your Why’ initiative to help them find meaning in their day-to-day.

Everyone has a why. But not everyone knows exactly what it is. And, they may not know how to connect it to what they do. With the launch of our Find Your Why workshop and toolkit, we empower our people to define and align their whys.


Articulating the purpose

It starts by analysing the needs of the individual Deloitter or team and matching their motivation, or ‘why,' with our Purpose strategy. When everything comes together, it increases the sense of belonging and the work becomes more meaningful.

This is a very useful exercise for everyone, from new joiners to established teams. One of the most powerful elements of the exercise is being paired with a colleague, and together developing your professional and personal story. It is a very enriching and rewarding experience for both parties, as the person you’re paired up with articulates the things you said that stand out, the aspects of work that you really enjoy.

“I was a bit skeptical at first. I didn’t think it would be possible to find your why in one hour. But, I was amazed how far the power of stories and active listening between two people can get you. I helped a colleague find the key elements of her why, and she helped me to define mine.”
Marilyn Vandewalle, Deloitte Senior Consultant Human Capital

The power of conversation

With Find Your Why our people not only get to know each other much better, but also themselves. It enables them to become the best version of themselves and truly live their own Purpose, as well as that of their team and Deloitte.