Embedding Purpose in everything we do

Our five Shared Values define our behaviour and provide a common ground that unites us as we work together to make an impact that matters.

To make impact, we embed Purpose into everything we do, moving from being a Purpose-driven organisation to Purpose-led. This is a mindset, a consideration at the heart of every single decision and action we take. Including our client and engagement acceptance processes.

We aim to move the needle and have our Purpose act as our compass guiding us as we work together with organisations of all types, active in all industries, across the globe. By carefully selecting where we want to bring the best of Deloitte, our people and our expertise, we can maximise our impact.


Purpose opportunities and risks

By sharing our great impact stories of how we collaborate with our clients, we aim to inspire to others. Assessing the potential risk aspect, the other side of the medallion, will be equally important to move the needle. That is why we focus on very consciously identifying and acting upon any Purpose risks that are connected to (potential) projects and having the conversation about these cases.

Our position as a firm for both Purpose opportunities and risks is shaped by a combination of the sector, client, and the service we offer. Together they shape our way forward and steer the impact that we want to make.


Our Purpose in action

To create awareness and inspire our teams, we’ve launched a series of impact stories on our internal channels that highlight the amazing work of our colleagues. 

In addition, we’ve updated our entire client and engagement acceptance procedure to further embed our Purpose within our work by taking into account the AND-AND-AND view, meaning we have a keen focus on the clients and sectors and services we offer.

Lastly, we have launched an Advisory Body to our executive committee that defines our guardrails as a firm and helps define the impact we want to make going forward.