Our commitment to society

Working together with organisations enables us to make an even greater impact. Through the Deloitte Foundation we collaborate with strategic partners in Belgium and beyond on projects that focus on education, skills and opportunities, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. These pillars represent Deloitte’s culture as a coaching and learning organisation and make the best use of our skills to have a more significant impact.

Inspired by WorldClass, Deloitte Global’s programme to rally all member firms to impact 100 million people by 2030, Deloitte Belgium aims to prepare 750,000 lives by 2030 for a world of opportunity through all of our collaborations.

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve collaborated on with Vlajo and Les Jeunes Entreprises, 19, and Be.Face.


“Vlajo and Les Jeunes Entreprises empower students to develop entrepreneurial skills, preparing them for their future professional life. Our 'Future of' webinars add a new element of insight by tackling the latest trends and the 2030 forecast, with the aim to inspire the students and boost innovation.”
Annelies Reul, Strategic Purpose Advisor

Tackling the latest trends

This spring, helping to inspire students together with Vlajo was high on our agenda. In addition to leveraging our skills to provide feedback on business plans, serve on competition juries, advise Vlajo’s management and present the Deloitte Innovation Award, we introduced an exciting new initiative: our ‘Future of’ webinars.

The latest trends and what’s to come in 2030 were the main topics covered as our subject-matter experts shared their insights into the future of work, mobility, and health during three interactive sessions with 651 enthusiastic participants.

We also collaborated with Les Jeunes Entreprises on an Innovation Camp, which saw students solving business challenges facilitated and coached by Deloitte volunteers.


The next generation of tech talent

19 is a school that offers peer-to-peer learning and free coding courses to youngsters 18 and up. Their goal is to increase IT and digital skills and consequently attracting talent into tech by focusing on promoting essential skills and encouraging diversity.

Together with 19, we host deep-dive sessions for the students at 19 led by our people who share their passion for innovation and technology to inspire the participants to create the career of their dreams.

We also co-host She Loves to Code events throughout the year which introduce women to coding languages (Bash, Shell, C, HTML, etc.) with hands-on workshops and opportunities to meet other women working or aspiring to work in tech.

During the pandemic, we joined forces with 19 again to launch the digital inspiration sessions, which put the spotlight on inspiring women in various tech fields.

“As a woman in tech, I am passionate about She Loves to Code. Together with 19, we inspire women to learn new skills and jump into a field that they may never have considered before. It provides inspiration and opportunity, encouraging women to make their own impact.”
Alana Panny, Analytics & Cognitive Senior Consultant

“We always strive to boost our contribution to the communities that we work and live in. By focusing on a broader meaning of diversity, which includes social and educational background, we not only enrich the students but also our people.”
Tanya De Laet, Strategic Purpose Advisor

Embracing a Bright Future

This summer, as part of our broader Purpose agenda, half of our interns were Bright Future students from Be.Face. Onboarded as job students, the graduates received our support for their learning, growth and potential ‘bright future’ at Deloitte.

Bright Future is a free mentoring scheme for talented students, designed to facilitate their transition from higher education to employment. Run by the not-for-profit Be.Face, managers and supervisors guide motivated students toward a better understanding of the world of work—knowledge that can’t be learned in the classroom.

This was not just an opportunity for the students, but also for our people. They were invited to volunteer as a mentor and help a student discover what life as a consultant is like by showing them the ins and outs of their role, teaching day-to-day tasks, and sharing their knowledge and experience.

Our mentors made an impact while building leadership abilities, strengthening their communication skills, and learning new perspectives.