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Aurélie Klein: Audit of the Future

Ideas that excite, inspire and spark change. People who are disciplined, passionate and confident. We’ve got it all. ‘I made it happen’ celebrates those who have made an impact on our innovation projects. Below you will find a personal account from Aurélie Klein at Deloitte who is innovating by doing.

I enjoy my role as one of Deloitte’s technology champions. Learning how to combine my audit knowledge with technology is going to benefit my clients.

What impact did you make?

We launched the project Audit of the Future to show that by expanding our IT knowledge and gaining a better understanding of the automated processes of our clients, IT can and will make the life of auditors easier. As a technology champion, I help convince others of the benefits of digitalising audit processes.

What have been the challenges?

Technology has always been considered a ‘black box’ by auditors. It’s important for us to unravel the mystery as it has a significant impact on further audit procedures. By gaining a better understanding of the IT environment of our clients and visualising the automated processes, we can improve and make our audit procedures more efficient.

What has been the highlight so far?

This was a great opportunity for me to combine my audit expertise, including the knowledge I’ve acquired from our clients and their processes, with technology. I enjoyed working closely together with, and learning from, the Risk Advisory department that performs the IT audits.

What have you learned?

Gaining a better understanding of technology is definitely an added value for auditors!

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