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Francis Spillebeen: My Benefits My Choice

Ideas that excite, inspire and spark change. People who are disciplined, passionate and confident. We’ve got it all. ‘I made it happen’ celebrates those who have made an impact on our innovation projects. Below you will find a personal account from Francis Spillebeen at Deloitte who is innovating by doing.

With our My Benefits My Choice offering, I had the opportunity to take a deep dive into the skills of the future with a client-oriented mindset focused on technology and project management.”

What impact did you make?

Our My Benefits My Choice solution, with our MBMC technology as one of the cornerstones, provides a solid and user-friendly solution that in its standard form covers the core requirements of designing, implementing and maintaining a flexible benefits plan for our clients and its employees. Together with the team, I helped building our offering by bringing all the different expertises together, but with a clear focus on translating the current Belgian flexible benefits market into a user-friendly technology solution for our clients.

What have been the challenges?

A flexible benefits plan requires a lot of expertise on different domains, but there is no specific framework available on the market today in Belgium. Working on this project is getting out of my Tax & Legal ‘comfort zone’ and exploring a different and broader skillset by working together and learning from the experts in the different domains flexible reward touches upon. Although it has been challenging at times, it is a great learning opportunity that I would recommend to everyone.

What has been the highlight so far?

The first client live on our My Benefits My Choice technology was of course an important milestone of our offering. Where it really gets fun is knowing that you have built something from scratch and you start noticing that clients are actually picking up your offering as their preferred solution and they get excited about on our used technology.

What have you learned?

Listen carefully to the market and your clients before getting started; do not assume you know what the market is looking for. Once you start building your innovative idea, think beyond the market standard to enlarge the potential of your solution. Most importantly, believe in your solution and stay focused, even if sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.

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