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Guillaume Vancoillie: Booster Programme

Ideas that excite, inspire and spark change. People who are disciplined, passionate and confident. We’ve got it all. ‘I made it happen’ celebrates those who have made an impact on our innovation projects. Below you will find a personal account from Guillaume Vancoillie at Deloitte who is innovating by doing.

I am driven by continuous change and energised by happy clients. Having a strong interest in technology start-ups, the Booster Programme is a perfect match.

What impact did you make?

The Booster Programme is an intensive two-year collaboration in which Deloitte supports scale-ups to shape their strategy and business model, expand their network and validate their technology in the market. Together with multiple colleagues, I brought this idea to life and grew Deloitte’s culture of innovation.

What have been the challenges?

Booster allows young high-potential companies to collaborate with a large consulting organisation. In order to maximise return for both, one of the tougher aspects was to analyse and match the start-ups. This involved selecting the best-fit candidates as well as dismissing certain great ones. We will follow the latter closely and seize new opportunities when the time is right.

What has been the highlight so far?

The project has been a chance for me to shape the initiative from inception, supported by colleagues across different teams. Also, the opportunity to dig into the business model of young companies that are innovating with new technologies and rapidly adapting themselves to the marketplace is an element I value tremendously.

What have you learned?

I’m strongly driven by continuous change. Just as start-ups are able to rapidly adapt to competition and consumer demands, I strive to keep moving in a fast-paced environment, adding value with every move I make.

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