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Nicolas Rolis: Digital Public Services for the EU

Ideas that excite, inspire and spark change. People who are disciplined, passionate and confident. We’ve got it all. ‘I made it happen’ celebrates those who have made an impact on our innovation projects. Below you will find a personal account from Nicolas Rolis at Deloitte who is innovating by doing.

I’m motivated to make a positive impact on growth, profitability and society. I’m passionate about innovation and enjoy being part of groundbreaking projects like this.

What impact did you make?

Consulting wanted to test the creativity of European citizens to come up with disrupting digital solutions to help them with everyday life for its project for a European institution. The crowd was asked to develop ideas to facilitate moving out, getting married, going to the hospital, being on vacation, etc.
Together with Louise Vander Linden, we conceptualised and developed a challenge to leverage the power of an international creative crowd. The mission was to come up with new ideas in order to improve cross-border experience of European citizens by leveraging digital tools.

What have been the challenges?

It isn’t easy to frame and explain concretely what you expect from the crowd. We wanted to leverage what a crowd of people were living in order to come up with solutions that were authentic and the citizens could relate to. We also had learn to work with crowdsourcing platforms as Deloitte does not have one.

What has been the highlight so far?

Letting a crowd of 200 people decide what their ideal digital experience would be was very exciting. You can’t get more authentic than asking real people to come up with ideas and solutions. We received approximately 200 answers and in the end we chose three winners based on a matrix made of design, visualisation and content itself.

What have you learned?

Crowdsourcing brings creativity but is a bit expensive with third party platforms. Why not create our own? Depending on the scope, using crowdsourcing to develop new ideas can take less time than doing it internally. It definitely should be taken seriously as a future alternative delivery model.

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