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Francis Spillebeen: My Benefits My Choice

Ideas that excite, inspire and spark change. People who are disciplined, passionate and confident. We’ve got it all. ‘I made it happen’ celebrates those who have made an impact on our innovation projects. Below you will find a personal account from Francis Spillebeen at Deloitte who is innovating by doing.

I love having the opportunity to broaden my skillset. My background is tax and legal. Now I’ve gained technology as well as project and change management expertise.

What impact did you make?

My Benefits My Choice provides a solid and user-friendly solution that in its standard form covers the core requirements of designing, implementing and maintaining a flexible reward solution for our clients and their employees.
I helped deliver this new flexible rewards system, which will provide clients with an easy-to-use benefits solution for their employees.

What have been the challenges?

Working on this project has involved exploring different fields of expertise and working together with the experts in those areas of expertise. It’s been challenging at times, but also a great learning opportunity.

What has been the highlight so far?

The fact that I worked closely with our IT department, translating the client’s needs and desires into an innovative technology solution. It’s an ongoing and never-ending exciting story. It’s like having that ‘aha moment’ over and over again. It was also great to work with a solution that has a clear vision on the future and a huge market potential to grow.

What have you learned?

The key principles of an innovative solution: client oriented thinking, 100% focus and belief in the solution and the market growth, and being a partner for your client throughout the entire project and after the project closure.

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