RestartNow: Restart your operations in a safe manner

RestartNow balances operations requirements and employee health in real time

We expect to live in a world where companies have to scale up and down following COVID-19 related measures and regulations for the next 12-18 months. It is crucial to be robust and adaptive at the same time, while always provide a safe place to work. The digital solution RestartNow helps to offer that safe workplace by offering regular self-assessments, an optional temperature scanning at the entrance, identification of crews and teams and integration option into operations planning.

The key challenges companies face

During the recovery phase of the current situation, companies face a lot of 'unforeseen' challenges. These challenges all have an impact on how your organization will recover and thrive afterwards. The key challenges we defined are:

  • Ensure workforce safety: Make sure your workforce remains healthy during work and that they have everything required to operate in a safe and healthy manner.
  • Maintain employee trust: Make sure employees feel safe and supported and focused on moving forward as a coherent team.
  • Business continuity: Find the balance between the safety & health of your workforce, the applied governmental measures and getting your organization able to quickly scale up or down responding to changes in regulation or business demand.
  • Remain compliant: Ensure the recently implemented processes are compliant to health, legal, GDPR regulations etc. to move forward in a substantiated manner.

How to respond to these key challenges?

Technology can support where it’s difficult to respect measures to provide a safe, but productive, work environment for employees. With RestartNow we have defined three areas to respond to and take action on during times of disruptions, all having an impact on the future of work and your workforce:

  • People: Inform, train and sensitize employees to maintain health, trust and safety in the workplace.
  • Technology: Leverage technology to support and monitor safety and guide the organization to keep moving forward.
  • Process: Establish processes to return to work in a safe manner in accordance to latest health regulations.

The solution RestartNow

Our modular solution enables early risk identification when your employees return to work and can be customized to your organization

Module 1: Risk Screening
A self-assessment needs to be filled out on a regular basis to assess the risk of someone having COVID19 and will provide a green, orange or red risk status based on the responses.

Module 2: Temperature reading
The thermal camera gives a warning when people have an indication of elevated body temperature. Combined with the outcomes of the risk screening, availability of the employee is updated.

Module 3: Contact groups
The solution provides the opportunity to define “neighbourhoods”; groups of people that are in regular contact with each other. These groups enable quick notification in case of a contamination.

Module 4: Back-end integration
The solution provides data to the planning department based on the self-assessment and the temperature measurement to adapt production planning and shift scheduling RestartNow meets the highest standards of reliability and confidentiality, incorporating state-of-the-art Cloud and IoT technologies, and can be easily configured to comply with GDPR and other regulatory requirements.

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