Optimise your funding mix to power hyper-growth

Funding & Liquidity Management

As a scale-up, it is key to having a tailored funding mix is key to fuel your growth throughout your life cycle. What is the optimal funding mix for your scale-up? What are the potential pitfalls? We are here to assist you in these essential matters.

Challenges or questions you might face:

  • What is my burn rate and how does it affect my runway?
  • How can I optimise my funding mix?
  • Should I diversify my funding more?
  • Are there non-equity opportunities?
  • How do I avoid dilution?
  • What are my ideal financing options? Are there any alternative financing methods?
  • Is my international financial structure able to scale with us as we grow?

How can we partner up?

  • Monitor and use your current assets and liabilities efficiently via working capital management to ensure you operate efficiently.
  • Optimise your funding mix throughout your scale-up’s life cycle with a wide array of diverse financing methods such as debt financing and equity funding, tailored to your needs.
  • Identify, understand and prioritise the right tax incentives and non-equity cash grants to fuel your scale-up’s R&D, innovation and sustainability investments.

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