Do Healthcare Systems Promote the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers?

This whitepaper is a call to action - a challenge - to prevent pressure ulcers, a painful and life-taking condition that is largely preventable - when addressed systemically and collectively holds the promise of compelling and sustaining pressure ulcer incidence near zero. Our findings indicate that while the legislative pendulum is swinging decisively in the direction of “fix it”, a systemic approach encompassing economic incentives, quality transparency and clinical protocol has not been achieved in any of the US or Western EU health systems resulting resulting in needless cost and patient suffering.

In the meantime, hospitals and providers are taking on more out-of-pocket costs than they imagined to care for this population.  We challenge policy-makers to craft system-wide to drive consistency of detection protocols and to accelerate policy and institutional transparency of the true costs of pressure ulcers that providers are unknowingly being held accountable for. 

White Paper - Pressure Ulcers
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