Industry 4.0

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The potential for far reaching transformation as Industry 4.0 evolves requires the capabilities to solve problems from end-to-end – horizontally and vertically within and outside an organization. Focused Industry 4.0 efforts, will require a perspective that cuts across each of these dimensions, which is informed by deep industry knowledge, technology expertise, strategy and business model expertise and an equally informed external (“outside-in”) perspective built by experience across multiple industries and market sectors.

At Deloitte, we have worked with a wide range of manufacturing companies, including in highly specialized industries such as aerospace & defense, automotive, chemicals, and high tech, as well as supporting global manufacturers in consumer products, retail and telecoms. We have the experience in supporting clients with systems-level innovation through our Advanced Materials Systems (AMS) framework – and we regularly support clients in both large and small transformational efforts spanning the business, technology, and human resources. We maintain a common focus regardless of context – identifying and solving business issues, delivering measurable financial impact – a proven approach which enables prioritization and justification of investments and creates true business impact.

Industry 4.0

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