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Improve top-line growth and lower costs

No matter how innovative or well-conceived your business strategy, if your operations can't meet the mark, that strategy can never become reality

Deloitte’s Global Supply Chain practice focuses on delivering practical, strategy-driven value through advisory services that optimise, reinvent, and improve the supply chain from end to end – design, plan, source, make and deliver. We tackle organisations’ most complex issues by drawing on global capabilities that span all areas of business strategy and operations and industries including Consumer & Industrial Products, Energy & Resources; Financial Services; Technology, Media & Telecom; and Health Sciences & Government.

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The Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2018

For the past seven years, the Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey has provided a global benchmark of the sentiment or procurement leaders and an insight into the key themes and challenges facing procurement, including market dynamics, value and collaboration, talent and leadership, and digital procurement.

We received responses from 504 procurement leaders across 39 countries, with 40 responses from Belgian Procurement Leaders.

This year’s report focuses on leadership, digital and innovation and provides a clear action plan to help procurement leaders deliver increased value, collaborate more effectively, enhance capabilities and improve operational performance.

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Consumer Products & Retail Pulse Check

Our Supply Chain and Operations service line is launching an-9-questions-pulse check on trends in Consumer Business and Retail and your input would be highly appreciated!

Do you acknowledge that your Supply Chain is a key differentiator?

Through this pulse check we aim to obtain insights in the trends, challenges and priorities Consumer Products & Retail companies face when operating their Supply Chain(s) and adapting it to accommodate for future reality.

Completing the pulse check will take about 7-8 minutes, input is treated confidentially, and insights resulting from the pulse check will be shared afterwards.

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Digital Supply Network

Dramatic advances in computing memory and processing are spurring entrepreneurs to develop innovative new digital technologies and capabilities. These technologies, including new sensors and artificial intelligence (also called machine learning and cognitive computing), create the foundation for analytics and a conversion between the physical and digital worlds, transforming traditional, linear supply chains into connected, intelligent, scalable, customizable, and nimble supply networks. The Deloitte Digital Supply Networks offering helps companies and business leaders capitalize on this opportunity, create competitive advantage, and compete to win.

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Supply Chain in Life Sciences

This report, produced by LogiPharma, in collaboration with Deloitte, analyses the responses from leading figures in pharmaceutical supply chain on the key challenges, priorities and opportunities currently facing the industry.

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Industry 4.0 and distribution centers

Transforming distribution operations through innovation: Warehouse-based stockpiling of inventory has been transforming into high-velocity distribution centers, which are increasingly considered strategic to providing competitive advantage. Industry 4.0 can aid the distribution center’s evolution, enabling adaptable, automated systems that can work with humans.

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Paul Delesalle

Paul Delesalle

Partner | EMEA Supply Chain & Operations Leader

Paul has over 17 years of supply chain consulting experience and is leading the Belgian and EMEA Supply Chain & Operations practice. He helps clients leveraging supply chain as a source of competitive... More