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Examples of relevant projects

1.     Evaluation of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) measures supporting the apiculture sector
DG Agriculture

The EU provides support to the apiculture agriculture sector with the aim of improving the production and marketing of honey by co-financing a series of activities. Deloitte was asked to conduct the evaluation to assess the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of those supporting measures.

2.     Evaluation of CAP measures related to Hopshops
DG Agriculture

The EU is an important player on the world market for hops. Deloitte conducted the evaluation how the hops’ market has developed in terms of production and consumer prices. The analysis also included as well how the production of hops production has evolved and been affected by CAP before and after its reform.

3.     eGovernment study for rural development in 2014-2020
DG Agriculture

The eGovernment study aimed to explore the feasibility of the implementation of online portals, electronic submission of documents and enabling beneficiaries to introduce their files and follow-up the status electronically. Deloitte defined IT requirements and developed a cost-benefit analysis.

4.     Serving as Certifying Body to the National Paying Agency of EU agricultural funds
National Paying Agencies in Ireland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany, Denmark

Deloitte teams in a number of countries are acting as Certifying Bodies to the National Paying Agencies of EU agricultural funds. As a Certifying Body i its responsible ilities is tofor confirming the correctnessaccuracy and the validity of the annual accounts under EAGF and EAFRD and, to for issuinge an annual certification report, certificate and opinion for the correctness of the statement of assurance of the managing director of the Paying Agency.

5.     Performing on-the spot checks for confirming the legality and regularity of transactions
Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Deloitte Bulgaria performed on-the-spot checks confirming the legality and regularity of transactions for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 of the Paying Agency. The on-the spot checks covered classical measurement of over more than 2000 parcels per year and as well as detailed testing and recalculation of the financial aid for over than 200 beneficiaries under EAGF and EFRD.

6.     Supporting Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) reform
DG Agriculture

Deloitte Belgium conducted various audits of a number of programmes, projects and initiatives implemented under the shared-management scheme in the context of CAP reform.

7.     Information sharing architecture office

The EU Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) provides public authorities interested or active in maritime surveillance with the means to exchange information. The creation of a ‘Common Information Sharing Environment’ (CISE) is a major initiative to improve the EU’s IMP. In 2013, Deloitte supported the European Commission in the finalisation of the architecture visions’ document of CISE. This document allowed the Member States involved in CISE to easily compare different ways to put CISE into operation.

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